Award-winning MammoScreen™ provides AI-guided decision-making support for breast cancer screening,
allowing you to validate your suspicions, identify what you might have overlooked,
and focus on uncertain studies requiring more attention.


MammoScreen™ uses the unique MammoScreen Score™ to provide an immediate level-of-suspicion scoring of screenings; confirming certain findings, and pointing out unsure cases that demand further scrutiny.

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Confidence inyour interpretation

Reading mammograms allies the skill and experience of a radiologist to various data inputs - lesion type, breast density and patient history. Each image requires deep, informed concentration. MammoScreen™’s AI software works hand in hand with your viewer to assure you in your readings.

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With the increasing number of cases and limited amount of time available for radiologists to perform reads, MammoScreen™ helps you to read faster benign cases.

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