Lowers Callbacks

It’s another set of eyes that provides a safety net for your practice.

Augments Radiologists’ skills

Clear, detailed, actionable interface that boosts your confidence, enabling you to provide the highest standard of care.

Workflow untouched

Vendor-neutral zero-click workflow seamlessly integrates your existing infrastructure.

Boosts Efficiency

Read faster benign cases and focus on suspicious studies.

The MammoScreen Score™: Actionable and trustful indication of suspicious casesHighly accurate and uniquely actionable MammoScreen Score presents you with a fast and dependable confirmation of what you suspect and indicates to you what may need more attention. By your side, it lets you be more confident in your diagnosis.The MammoScreen Score is highly-interpretable.

Identify abnormalitiesThe level of malignancy suspicion given by MammoScreen is easily understandable. Results are by design consistent at every step: from the finding, the breast and the mammogram level. High suspicion of malignancy for a reading can always be tracked down to the corresponding breast(s), and to a particular finding within the breast(s).

Know the Score

Know the Score

The MammoScreen Score™ is calibrated precisely so you can be secure in cases with extreme scores. Mammograms marked with a score between 1 and 4 are very unlikely to contain cancers. Cases scored between 7 and 10 are very likely to be malignant. For scores of 5 or 6, the AI software works with the expert eyes of the Radiologist to come to a conclusion. For those cases, you should have a closer look and use the software as a detection tool.

7 to 10: high probability of malignancy
5 or 6: rely on Radiologist’s expertise
1 to 4: highly unlikely to be cancerous

Real Impacton Women

MammoScreen helps radiologists to assure their diagnostic accuracy, decreasing the number of unneeded recalls.

Fewer Recalls

More women therefore receive a benign diagnosis right after the first mammography screening, without having to undergo further imaging tests and/or needless biopsies.

Faster results

MammoScreen™ quickly and accurately analyses a large number of mammograms and instantaneously provides a radiologist with the results. When confident in the software, physicians spend less time interpreting normal breast images and women can receive their diagnosis faster.

Spend less time on easy cases

With a growing number of cases and an increasing staff shortage, you may be required to go over more reads in the same amount of time. The MammoScreen Score™ permits faster readings, less time is needed for interpretation of non-suspicious images.

Safety Net

MammoScreen™ provides you with confirmation and confidence in your findings, improving womens’ experience and chances for successful treatment.

Less fatigue

Reading studies take high levels of concentration and effort at every instant. MammoScreen™ indicates what you need to concentrate on, so that you can save your energy for the cases that need more attention.

Enhanced patient care

MammoScreen™ helps boost patient satisfaction and experience by helping radiologists to detect breast cancers at the earliest stage and lowering the number of recalls.

Cost efficient

MammoScreen’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model can work with limited IT budget, granting clinicians access to the latest technology and professional support, with payment depending on the number of cases processed.

Augmented productivity

With MammoScreen™, physicians can improve their mammogram reading accuracy and speed, boosting efficiency while staying within a limited budget.

Reproducible reading baseline

With large mammogram volumes, peer-to-peer cross-validation and training are not possible. Always consistent, MammoScreen™ contributes to reducing inter-reader and over-day variability.

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